1. Project Description

This project supports the implementation of the MCEETYA National Plan for Languages Education in Australian Schools (2005-8), and encompasses the Development and Management of a Nationally Coordinated Promotion of the Benefits of Languages Education.

This project was being carried out on behalf of the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) by the AEF in partnership with the AFMLTA.  It was funded as a national project through the School Languages Programme. 

This project responds to Strand 6 of the National Statement and Plan – Advocacy and Promotion of Languages Learning.


The project aims to:

Key Components

Key components of the project included:

In developing the promotional materials and products, current directions in languages pedagogy and existing promotional material on languages learning in Australian schools and internationally were taken into account. A strong level of support was expressed for this project at the 2006 and 2007 National Seminars on Languages Education and it is expected that the promotional materials will be effectively promoted within the context of existing promotional and professional development programmes. This will ensure that our approach is supported, efficient and effective.

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Initial consultation about materials

Consultation with key stakeholders during the development of the project proposal indicated certain preferences for the type of materials to be developed. In addition, feedback from participants at the 2006 and 2007 National Seminars on Languages Education indicated a preference for the messages and values to be clear and inspirational for those who are uncommitted and unaware.

The promotional materials and products are designed to be used by education policy makers and programme administrators for advocacy purposes and in their ongoing professional learning work with schools and teachers, by relevant languages professional associations, languages teachers and also school principals and leaders.

Support from project stakeholders

As this project has the support of the MCEETYA Languages Education Working Party and is aligned to the achievement of the objective as outlined in the National Statement and Plan, strong jurisdictional (government and non-government) and stakeholder support will ensure the project achieves its objectives.

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2. Target Group

The target audiences for the promotional materials and products are:

3. Targeted Materials

The promotional materials have been developed variously for each of the above audiences and supported by online materials which can be customised to support local needs, eg:

Communicating the message

The common design features will ensure coherence and consistency of message and values to be communicated.

Shifting perceptions and knowledge of the uncommitted or unaware

In order to dispel myths and highlight benefits of languages learning it is important to broaden the perceptions and the understanding of the intellectual, intercultural, vocational and other benefits of languages learning of uncommitted or unaware teachers, school leaders, parents, students and the wider community.


The voice of advocates and champions are featured in the promotional materials.


The promotional materials will be used by advocates for a range of purposes in a range of settings including professional learning activities for school leaders and teachers, school meetings, staff meetings, parent meetings, open days/information nights/ and for inclusion in school newsletters.

Reach and accessibility

The materials are available both in print and online to ensure that a wide audience is reached. 

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4. Dissemination of products and materials

The promotional products and materials were disseminated nationally via a range of strategies, including conferences, professional learning programs, staff meetings, forums seminars, open days, curriculum planning sessions, staff meetings, through languages professional associations, languages officers and managers in education authorities (government and non-government), languages officers in curriculum authorities, parent organisations (Australian Council of State School Organisations and the Australian Parents Council), principal organisations and Community Languages Australia.

5. Contact Details for Project

Kurt Mullane

"Development of Nationally Co-ordinated Promotion of the Benefits of Languages Learning in Schools"

Asia Education Foundation

4th Floor, Sidney Myer Asia Centre (cnr. Swanston St & Monash Rd)

The University of Melbourne, Parkville VIC 3010, Australia

Telephone: 03-8344 4800 Direct: 03-8344 3591

Facsimile: 03-9347 1768