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Languages Champions

Dr James Bradfield Moody – Short Biography

James Bradfield Moody is currently the General Manager, International Development at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) www.csiro.au. He is on the advisory boards of the Australian Government's Bureau of Meteorology and the Bureau of Statistics and he is a board member of the National Australia Day Council and the Brisbane Institute.

In 2001 James was awarded Young Australian of the Year in Science and Technology www.australianoftheyear.gov.au. He was recently named one of the Boss Magazine young executives of the year and is a World Economic Forum www.weforum.org Young Global Leader. James received his PhD in innovation theory from the Australian National University www.anu.edu.au and was chief systems engineer for the Australian Satellite, FedSat www.crcss.csiro.au/fedsat.

Dr James Bradfield Moody – Quotes

Learning another language at school and then cementing it through an overseas exchange gave me a skill that has benefited me my entire life - I can't imagine what I would be doing without it.

In my work with the United Nations, languages have been an amazing asset – even just the ability to understand cultures other than my own.

Languages bring the world closer together – I have met some of my closest friends through languages.